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So, just who is this Professor Elwood Pricklethorn fella?

  • Graduate, Humber College Horticulture & Arboriculture Diploma, 1979 - 1982

  • 2013 recipient of the International Society of Arboriculture – Ontario Chapter’s “Maple Leaf Award” .  Awarded to individuals who have provided exceptional energy, leadership, and commitment to promoting and improving arboriculture and urban forestry.

  • 2014 recipient of the TREE Fund's - "TREE Fund Volunteer of The Year Award" 

  • International Society of Arboriculture, "Certified Arborist", since 1994 (Certification NO. ON-0299)

  • International Society of Arboriculture, Ontario Chapter,  Education Committee

  • 2017 recipient of the Art Gay Community Service Award - Toronto Island

  • Director,  Canadian TREE Fund, (2005),  Educational / Special Events Lead

  • 21 X "Tour des Trees" rider, raising over $120K for research and education programs to benefit urban trees

  • Tour des Trees Educational Community Outreach Presenter since 2011

  • 5-time "Acorns of Hope" rider, bringing 10,000 trees and arbor awareness to coastal Louisiana

  • Toronto District School Board contracted,  "External Presenter Program"

  • City of Toronto Park Supervisor,  Toronto Island (freshly retired)

  • Author of Professor Pricklethorn's Workbook, & "True Tree Crimes" 

  • E​co Educator for YMCA Summer Camp - Toronto Island

  • Board Member - Toronto Island Community Tree Trust Chapter

  • 2024 recipient on the Ontario Chapter of the International Society of Aboriculture's Honorary Life Time Membership Award

  • An all-around TREEmendous guy who cares about trees and wants others to understand them and care about them, too!

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