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Professor Pricklethorn Virtual Presentat

Professor Prinklethorn is now offering online and virtual presentations!


Learn to see trees through the Professor’s eyes and his green-coloured lenses and you will see the environment around you in a very different way. Trees are not just outdoor furniture for us to use.  If we learn to respect and care for trees then they can help us and the global environment in countless ways.

Professor Pricklethorn wants to help teachers, parents, and children learn how to make the connection between science and everyday life by learning about the many good things that trees do for us every single day. 

Melanie Solnik

Grade 3, Oriole Park J.P.S.

This is our 4th year having Professor Pricklethorn join our class at Oriole Park JPS. His interactive workshops are informative, engaging and fun. Never a dull moment! Although there is no topping having the Professor in our class, his virtual workshop is the next best thing!

Sue Frizzell

Member CFUW (Belleville)

On behalf of all those members of CFUW (Belleville) who attended your ‘zoom’ presentation on Thursday March 18 2021, I would like to express how much we enjoyed hearing about the “The Secret Lives of Trees”. Your expert knowledge combined with you engaging enthusiasm served to energize us to connect at a deeper level with these magnificent life forms. Your guide to ‘ do’s and don’t’  was also especially useful.  As we walk the trails, we may feel at times that trees will indeed be talking to us!

Thank you Professor!


Aligning with the Ontario Grade 1-8 Science and Technology Curriculum guidelines, and through his engaging and informative program and activities, the Professor helps you to:

  • Relate science and technology to society and the environment

  • Develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry and technological problem solving

  • Understand the basic concepts of science and technology



"Trees Please and Thank You" PEP Rally

Photosynthesis has never been so much fun until the Professor and his Air-Scrubbing Oxygen Factory show you how trees help us every single day, with every single breath!

Students will:

  • Learn about both the visible and invisible gifts that trees give us and how these benefits impact the quality of our everyday lives.

  • Learn why arborists focus on "planting the right tree in the right place".

  • Role play to show how the process of photosynthesis works and is key to the growth of all things green.

  • Absorb simple tree facts that will elevate the importance of the trees around them.

  • Participate in a tree "pledge" that summarizes the presentation and puts tree preservation,  protection and awareness into practice.

There is an emphasis on the universal “wellness” and benefits that urban trees and forests deliver to us as well as how and why it is that trees make us feel better and live healthier lives.

35 - 45 minutes - indoors
Requirements - 1 folding type banquette table

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